LEARN Tech Sessions

Whitewater faculty loves the LEARN center


Brenna Bongiorno, Assistant Business & Technology Editor

The UW-Whitewater Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Research Network (LEARN) Center is available to assist faculty and teaching staff in their course work to benefit students. While the main focus of the LEARN Center is on teaching and learning, they also are available to provide services relevant to putting together activities and enhancing research.

Dr. Heather Pelzel is a professor in the Biology department as well as the Director of the LEARN center. She enjoys being able to help instructors find new ways to connect with their students especially this fall semester where a lot of classes are occurring online.

“Since the remote switch we have be collaborating a lot with the LTC to oversee things like Webex and canvas,” said Pelzel. “We have been working together to offer all kinds of sessions during the spring, the summer and of course we will continue on with that.”

LEARN and the Learning Technology Center (LTC)  are offering a number of Welcome Back Week sessions. Some of these sessions include: Canvas Sessions, Classroom Technology Sessions, Teaching During a Pandemic, and the Academic Affairs Workshop on Flexibility, Interactions, and Assessments. An up to date list of LEARN events can also be found in the LEARN area of the sign-up tool and technology training sessions can also be found in the LTC area of the sign-up tool.

It is necessary for students and instructors to be prepared for a remote switch. There will be a full university-wide switch to remote learning after November 20th. Dr. Eric Loepp is a professor of Political Science at UW-Whitewater. He has attended several LEARN events over the years to get the best tips on learning practices. 

2020 has really shown us how critical it is to develop skills related to teaching with and through technology,” said Loepp. “These tech sessions were instrumental in helping instructors gain knowledge about a variety of tools that we have available here at UW-Whitewater. A hands-on, participant-involved approach to these sessions made instructors feel better about technology-related issues and concerns.”

The LEARN tech sessions are a chance to work with instructors all across campus. There are participants in the program from every college on campus. Dr. Matthew Vick is the Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and he has enjoyed being involved with the LEARN tech sessions and meeting colleagues from many different departments. 

“The LEARN tech sessions explained to faculty what the difference between online, remote, hybrid and hyflex classes were,” said Vick. “There are different sessions that can assist faculty in every area.”

As faculty and teaching staff work to prepare course work to be delivered online, the LEARN Center is always available to support them in any area.

For more information, contact the LEARN center via email ([email protected]) or via phone (262-472-5134).