Take pride in Hispanic Heritage Month

Latino Unidos celebrates Latinx culture on the Whitewater campus


The UW-W Latinos Unidos organization

Matthew Ellis, Assistant Arts and Rec Editor

UW-W Latinos Unidos members celebrate their proud Latinx culture in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month. Oct. 7 Latinos Unidos hosted a virtual event to share the impact of Latinx culture on America in collaboration with the Whitewater Connection Center.

“We want to spread awareness of our culture and spread positivity,” said Ibhar Loera, president of Latino Unidos. “We have a loud voice.”

Latinx represents anyone from the descent of Latin American countries. While this includes a multitude of countries, with varying traditions and cultural differences. Latinx is a way to remember their roots and the importance of spreading their culture across the U.S. 

“In a generation like this most of us are mixed,” said Hayley Potter, event coordinator of Latinos Unidos. “We are not alone, there are a lot of us in the United States.”

The Latinos Unidos organization wants UW-Whitewater students to be proud of their Hispanic Heritage, and not shy away from who they are. There’s no that denying  America is a blend of many cultures that have come together and influenced one another. Latinx culture can be seen in a variety of ways including; food, music, and clothing.  Popular Latin foods in America include; tacos, fajitas, and chili. 

“I wanted to make sure to reach out to the Latinos Unidos organization in order to help present content that would be geared towards giving our students more insight into the Latinx culture,” said Aaron Broadwater, the coordinator for the Whitewater Connection Center.

The Latinos Unidos organization has many goals that it would like to share with the Whitewater campus. One of which is giving underrepresented Latinx cultures the spotlight to share their identity with the community. Other goals include spreading positivity, working with other cultural organizations, and focusing on uniting around what makes us human. As important as our own cultures are to us, we should also make it a priority to understand others.  It’s important to recognize what makes us different, while celebrating what makes us the same.