Grad student ascends Everest


Pictured on the left is Sarah Treadwell with Brian Kinley. *All images provided by Sarah Treadwell*

Sydney Wojcik, Arts & Recreation Editor

UW-Whitewater Masters of Communication student Sarah Treadwell spent 13 days climbing the unforgiving trail up to the first base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal.
A mother of two, Treadwell is no stranger to fast-paced days and facing new challenges, however, this journey left her questioning which was more vigorous: Labor or Everest?
Her passion for new adventures is not only what led her to Whitewater, but what drew her to Nepal. After watching videos of others accomplishing the seemingly impossible feat of trekking up the mountain, Treadwell made the decision that she would also complete the journey.
“It’s important to me to show my daughter that her mom can do anything and that she doesn’t need to fear because it’s also okay to fail,” said Treadwell.
Skip to three weeks later,

and she and her boyfriend Brian Kinley were on a plane headed to Kathmandu where they then took a tiny propeller plane to the beginning of the hike.
Taking into consideration the harsh obstacles they would face such as extremely low oxygen levels, there were strict requirements on how much they could pack to take with them.
This left them to eat the same traditional meal

of Dal Bhat multiple times a day because vegetarian food is also a requirement once reaching the entrance of Mount Everest in Sagarmatha National Park.
Although there were difficulties they had to endure, Treadwell explained the expedition as follows was more than worth the trip.
“There’s beautiful scenery that changes as you go up. At the bottom there are pine trees, and there are tea houses that you stay in,” said

With an impressive resume of achievements and an even longer list of goals that she is hoping to accomplish, Treadwell continues to work at inspiring her daughter and others to reach for high aspirations.
She encouragers others to go after their dreams without fear, conquering a 100 mile hike up Mount Everest was simply the first step of her own journey into the elevated future.

To learn more about the adventures of Sarah Treadwell check out her website at or her Instagram @spacecasesarah22.