Spring into skateboarding


Cristian Diaz does a trick on his skateboard.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Spring has sprung! This means it’s time to take out and dust off every and all wheeled recreational devices, and get those legs to work. Bicycles, tricycles, rollerblades, scooters, unicycles and one of the most popular ways to get around on wheels among college students: skateboards. This stereotype of college life has not passed over the University of Whitewater Wisconsin where it is a common sight to see numerous students riding skateboards of all varieties to their classes. These boards are known as longboards that can be up to five feet long and penny boards that can be as short as two feet compared to the average skateboard length of three feet.

For many UW-Whitewater students skateboarding

is more than just a pastime but also something that has been a part of their lives growing up. This has slowly developed into a lifestyle that revolves around skateparks, rad looking boards and a never ending search for the perfect place to grind their wheels.

“I have been skateboarding since I was thirteen years old and I just turned twenty. I first started watching my brother skateboard and I wanted to be like him. So I asked my mom for a skateboard and I got a skateboard as well,” said sophomore business major Cristian Diaz-Busalacchi.

Skateboarding has just recently gotten the recognition it deserves when it was added to the 2020 summer olympics. As an intense sport that takes immense talent to conquer, this is a huge step forward for those who thought skateboarding was a dying sport. Something that would age and slowly leave the media’s eye, just as the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk had done after his career had ended in 03’.

“I love the challenge that skateboarding gives me. Every time I go out I want to learn something new. Some days it will take me hours while others it will take me ten minutes. That’s what I really enjoy, is pushing myself,” said Diaz-Busalacchi.

Along with the competitive edge that skateboarding brings it also is a great way to get outside and meet new and like-minded people. Skateboarding is not biased towards age or gender so as long as you have the will to gain some skill, hop on a board, and head to the local skatepark. If you are here in Whitewater, you can head on over to the ‘Whitewater Rotary Skatepark’ located in Brewery Hill park.

“The friends I make while skateboarding are made super easily. They could even be thirty- forty years old but they’ll be my friends for that day. I just make new friends every day skating around campus. No where specific but around. I also go to Fort Atkinson a lot since it’s only a ten minute drive from Whitewater,” said Diaz-Busalacchi.

When it comes to recreational activities skateboarding has long been a favorite and continues to be for a variety of people throughout the spring and summer months. Keep your eye out while driving for every and all individuals taking advantage of the good weather by pulling out their wheels and going for a ride right here in Whitewater.