Living that tie-dye life


Sarah Smith, Journalist

UC Live held an art workshop Wednesday, Sept. 14 for students to tie-dye shirts in an effort to spread the word about the many events and activities that the UC holds each week throughout the school year.

Every week there are new events held for students to join together and hang out while enjoying live entertainment, crafts, karaoke, movies, games and more.

“The tie-dye event is an event for UC Live, which is the organization that puts on all of the events in the UC for students,” UC Live program specialist for events Elizabeth Garthwaite said. “This is a way for students to see some of the different things that we do, so students can come and make t-shirts for free, and it gives them a taste of the other things that we offer as UC Live such as art workshops every other Tuesday throughout the semester. We also do movies Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And we have ‘Down Under’ events every Thursday at 7 p.m.”

Many students throughout the afternoon stopped by to make their own t-shirts and mingle with peers while making friends and learning more about what UW-Whitewater has to offer for its students to experience and enjoy.

“I came to the involvement fair because I thought this would be my chance to do something and get to know more people, the people are super nice, everybody is very welcoming and genuine,” freshman liberal arts major Jermaria Seals said. “You should really come out and partake if you have the opportunity, especially with college because it’s something that you’re doing on your own, you might as well get involved.”

Lots of incoming freshmen and new students used this opportunity to find out about more campus events and ways to get involved in order to enjoy their college experience to the best of their abilities.

“The tie-dye table is a way for students to get connected with UC Live, know that we are there and that we do these fun things so students feel welcomed on campus and have fun doing them,” Garthwaite said. “We hope that students find enjoyment in what we are doing; it helps them develop a sense of belonging and is a great opportunity to make friends and have a chance to be involved on campus and see what else we have to offer for them this semester.”

Some upcoming events at the UC include a comedy night, karaoke night and a concert with local band “Nothing of Consequence.”