Art in all shapes and sizes


photo courtesy Haiying Yang

Photos of tattoos were displayed throughout Roberta’s Art Gallery in remembrance and honor of military service

Shawn Long and Sarah Smith

As the semester approaches its final weeks, winter activities have picked up on campus. The arts across campus have displayed fall, Halloween themes and are now transitioning into the colder season of the year.

The Department of UW-W Veteran and Military services collaborated with Roberta’s Art Gallery at the University center in a new exhibit. ‘Stories of Service’ presents a series of tattoos that military-affiliated students and veterans have had permanently inked. Tattoos have always been a part of service as they represent accomplishments, battles won and lost, and also remembrance of ones who lost their lives in combat.

“This exhibit focuses on the tattoos that most veterans have gotten within their time serving,” Exhibit Lead Haiying Yang said. “Every tattoo displayed has a story behind it, and if you read the description, you can experience it for yourself. The mission of the Department of Veteran and Military services with this exhibit is to combine military culture and academic excellence.”

The art work in the gallery ranges from tattoos that are over twenty years old to as new as a year old. Along with pictures of the tattoos are photos of veterans themselves and a short description about the meaning of their tattoo and the story behind it. Also showcased in the room were certain symbolic military artifacts such as water canteens, on-duty uniforms, hats and flags from different parts of the world. While most descriptions of the tattoos are emotional for some to read, they aim for sharing inspiration amongst aspiring students and any others who share interest in participating in serving the country.

The ‘Stories of Service’ exhibit held a reception on Thursday, November 11, 2022 at 12 pm to further discuss the stories and memories presented. Located on the ground floor of the University Center, light refreshments were provided for attendees at this event, as well as first hand experience of the display in the gallery.

The exhibit will be closing on Tuesday, November 22nd. The next exhibit to be displayed at Roberta’s Art Gallery will be ‘The Art of Becoming’ by artist Sylvia Hall Linton showcased from Wednesday, November 30, 2022 to Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

Other arts across campus that are transitioning into winter shows include the musical groups of the arts. Many holiday concerts are coming up in different areas of the musical talents on campus.

“I’m in jazz and what made me take part in it was my love of music,” freshman economics major Gabrial Miliacca said. “I’m starting to approach the point where I can express myself through my instrument better than I can with words. Students and faculty definitely helped me just by being real people. The instructors talk to us like we are at the same level and I love every second of it.”

The next event to take place is the Community Band in Light Recital Hall on Monday, November 28, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. 

“It is great to say I am a part of Whitewater in general besides music because as soon as you hear ‘Whitewater,’ people already know the college and what it is good for, academically, actively and musically,” Miliacca said.

The seasons are transitioning and with it comes changes throughout the arts across campus. Keep an eye out for upcoming events showcasing artistic talents by students, faculty, guests and community members. For more information visit