Dauood Naimyar jokes bringing people together


Dauntae Green

Dauood Naimyar on stage performing one of his comedy routines.

Dauntae Green, Editor

Muslim Afghan-American comedian Dauood Naimyar visited the University of Whitewater Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. at the University Center Down Under to make everybody laugh from the dark humor, jabs at the audience, and let’s everybody have a good time. He has 15,000 followers on TikTok, a San Francisco Comedy Competition finalist, had a number one debut comedy album (Pier 69: Junior Varsity), and is the Co-host of Pier 69 on Apple Podcasts. He made people laugh with jokes on him, made fun of Gen Z, and made tons of dark humorous jokes that made people move out of their chairs laughing. 

The night before he visited Whitewater he visited the campus of University of Platteville to do a comedy stand up show for them. He responded to Whitewater’s audiences about what Platteville was saying to him about Whitewater.

Dauood Naimyar on stage performing one of his comedy routines. (Dauntae Green)

“You know, I did a show for the University of Platteville last night before I got here, and they were interesting. They were telling me how bad you guys are. Why is that?” said Naimyar and an audience member screamed out “They’re just mad because we have a good football team!” Naimyar responded with, “Ohh, I see, something wild did happen after the show was over at Platteville, some random drunk person asked if I was an Uber and I responded with do I look like an Uber? He said Oh I can pay you with money to drive me! I ain’t gonna say no to that.”

Some students were intrigued and blown away by how funny Dauood Naimyar was through his comedy showing jokes on Gen Z on therapy, social media, and on himself with his heritage. 

“My group of friends, we had no idea who this guy was and we were trying to bet if he was gonna be terrible or funny. And he was really funny! We had a good time. I was laughing a lot,” said Sophomore Band Major Trevor Haglin. 

The audience looked like they were having a good time and laughing at all the jokes the comedian was making even with the help of his charming charisma that ends up making people smile.