App reminds users to drink water while at the bars


Kimberly Wethal, Editor-in-Chief

Although St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, a hangover doesn’t necessarily have to follow.

But how do you remember to drink the proper amount of water while getting down on the Pumpers & Mitchell’s dance floor, dancing on the stripper pole at Cheap Shotz or taking down an entire pitcher of Long Islands at the Mad Boar? It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment that remembering to drink a glass of water in between drinks is often overlooked.

If you don’t drink water, the Station One hot dog deal at the end of the night can only help you so much.

We’d recommend exercising self-control when drinking out at the bars, but if remembering to drink water is a struggle, one solution is the pushy-but-helpful app called Hydrate NOW, which costs $.99 in the Apple App Store. The concept is simple: before you head out to the bars, you input your height, weight and gender so the app can calculate what impact the alcohol you drink will have on your body. It’s science, plain and simple. We all have a lankier friend who tries to keep up with your other friend who’s got more bulk to them, and biology causes them to make an idiot of themselves.

You then start the timer when you start drinking, and as you go through the night, the app sends you push notifications on your phone, reminding you to mix in a glass of water in between your drinks.

Some of these reminders are passive, just reminding you to mix in a glass of water. Some are more in-your-face: “Future you is going to be so angry if you don’t go and chug some water right now” or “HAVE A GLASS OF WATER.”

Aggressive, but not wrong.

The app is designed with ease of use, which I would argue is necessary with just how drunk Whitewater’s college students can get on your average AYCD.

So, remember to drink water this St. Patrick’s Day. Your decisions from the night before shouldn’t carry over into a rough time the next day.