Campus-Wide Cookout kicks off the new school year

Danielle Krounau, Assistant Arts & Rec Editor

The campus turned out a large crowd for a celebratory cookout Tuesday, August 27 at the University Center. The event welcomed in the new academic year for faculty, staff, and students. Hungry attendees formed a long line into the Hamilton Room for the hot food served buffet style.

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Kristin Plessel enjoyed the delicious eats and celebrated by speaking to lots of colleagues from all of the colleges.

“I’m in a new leadership position, and so I want to lead, listen, and learn. I want to lead by following other people’s lead – to share and celebrate,” Plessel said.

Attendees enjoyed the burgers, beans and chips that were served, as well as the vocals and guitar music by Phil Norby.

Whitewater Student Government Vice President Alex Ostermann talked about his plans to graduate in the coming months and that the job market has him going a little crazy. As a senior majoring in marketing and minoring in music, Ostermann is excited and proud of what he can accomplish this year before leaving the Warhawk nest.

“I am looking forward to working with a lot of student groups on campus, working with the campus administration, our new chancellor, and enjoying the upcoming fall concert series,” Ostermann said.

Many faculty, staff and administrators used the cookout to connect with this year’s brood of Warhawks.

“I’ve been wanting to go out at the lunch hour to the commons to just sit down at tables with students I don’t know and ask them how they’re doing and – to see if there’s anything I can do to just be encouraging. Sometimes the students are overwhelmed,”  said Webb.

There was a lot of enthusiasm coming from Webb as she commented on how she loved the guitar tunes since her favorite music was being played, and how everybody seemed to enjoy their time. She also commented on how good the food was.

To cap it off, there was plenty of ice cream sundaes, smiles and energy handed out to all guests after they finished their meals.

Altogther, the campus-wide cookout not only ushers in the new school year, but it welcomes new energy and a positive outlook.