April showers bring voting power


Ky McCombe

Jalal Nawash the Director of Undergraduate Research Programs on campus receives his ballot to vote at the Whitewater Armory Gym, Tuesday, April 6th.

Kylie Jacobs, Managing Editor

Whitewater joined the rest of the state of Wisconsin in voting for council members and representatives for the state school board. Voting occurred on April 6. 

Preliminary results from voting showed that about 43 percent of voters from Whitewater chose to hand in absentee ballots instead of voting in person. 

There were 1272 votes cast. Of those votes, approximately 551 were cast by absentee ballot.

Director of Undergratuare Research Programs Jalal Nawash fills out his ballot to vote Tuesday, April 6. (Kylie McCombe)

Highlights from the election included three of the four spots that were up for grabs in the Whitewater Common Council were filled by women. Both Brienne Brown and Carol McCormick ran unopposed as incumbents. Newcomer Lisa Dawsey Smith will join them.

Longtime member of the council and President, Patrick Singer chose not to run for re-election this year. 

Ward 5, which is generally dominated by students of UW-Whitewater, racked up only a total of 125 votes in total. Incumbent runner Greg Majkrzak won with a total of 62 votes to challenger Neil Hicks, who was given 60 votes. Three votes were write-ins.

Outside the Whitewater Armory Gym stands a sign telling Whitewater residents to vote Tuesday, April 6. (Kylie McCombe)

As for overall state results, Jill Underly defeated Deborah Kerr in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Underly won with 58 percent, a total of 526, 286 votes, while Kerr only picked up 42 percent of the votes, rounding out to 386,392. 

To learn more about voting in Whitewater or requesting an absentee ballot, visit https://www.whitewater-wi.gov/167/Elections-Voting.