Awarding community members for their service


Dauntae Green, Managing Editor

The Whitewater Common Council held their meeting on November 2, 2021 to discuss actions that must be taken for the community. The council discussed what the Whitewater Unified School District has been doing during the school year, the ordinance on feeding wildlife, when government official campaigns will take place, and whether Cambridge Apartments will stay a part of student housing or become a family apartment. They gave out awards to people that have an impact in the community.

Whitewater Unified School District (WUSD) discussed with the Common Council about the 2021 -2022 school year. The WUSD makes up the city of Whitewater in Walworth and Jefferson counties as well as many towns inside the counties such as LaGrange, Richmond, Sugar Creek, Cold Spring, Koshkonong, Johnstown, and Lima Rock. They have 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. They also have a diverse range of students from different backgrounds and economic status. This year’s statistics show that 45% of students are economically disadvantaged, 14% are English learners, 17% are students with disabilities, and 37% are students of color. 

Lincoln Elementary school’s principal Mary Kilar was one of the 16 winners statewide of the Herb Kohl Principal Leadership which is to recognize and support administrative leadership with a $6,000 grant. The WUSD was honored with the 2021 Best Communities for Music Education made from the NAMM Foundation and it is the sixth year they have won this award. WUSD will continue fundraisers to improve their athletic facilities which will be improving a new artificial turf stadium for both girls and boys soccer teams, the varsity softball team, and the baseball varsity infield and wings down both of the foul lines.. 

The council talked about the elections for government officials taking place in 2022 but will be announcing the candidates December 1st. Another problem addressed was citizens in the community feeding wild animals. The Neighborhood Services Director Chris Bennett wants to warn citizens to not do that. There will be some fines happening, and he wants to work with the council on how to make sure citizens know what not to do. The council also talked about the Cambridge Apartments, deciding whether or not it should be turned into a family or a dormitory building. A couple of citizens expressed their belief the building should be used as a building for families as an apartment building instead for dormitories. 

The Common Council members of the community then gave away a couple of awards to people who had a huge impact on the Whitewater community. One of the citizens was Ginny Coburn who is an environmentalist, won State Natural Area Steward of the Year. They then honored and recognized Michelle Martin who is a police officer for the Whitewater Police Department. They also honored and recognized Marc Taylor who is the Captain for the Whitewater Fire Department.

The Common Council talked about many things such as how the WUSD is doing and will be doing for their 2021 to 2022 year, explaining when the people campaigning will be starting, the Cambridge apartment being turned into a family building apartment instead of a dormitory apartment. They had to explain what to do with people who have been feeding wildlife especially since they aren’t supposed to. They recognized and honored them with awards for being a positive influence in the community.