Whitewater Arts Alliance 2022 Members’ Show

Beauty on exhibit


photo courtesy Whitewater Arts Alliance

Pictured above are three of the pieces John Koebler displayed in the WAA Members’ Showcase.

Ivy Steege, Arts & Rec Editor

‘Happy accidents’ are just that, accidents. They only occur when life is unplanned. This cannot be said when speaking about the art that is created in Southern Wisconsin. A powerful showcase of Artisans from around the community cannot be described as an accident when the years of talent shine from each artwork displayed. 

Annually the Whitewater Arts Alliance (WAA) hosts its Members’ Show, where participating artists from the organization can showcase their art. This year the showcase includes watercolor, mixed media, metal print, photography, as well as other artistic mediums to entice the audience. Featuring 15 artists, one of the most appealing aspects of the exhibit is the diverse range of artistic talent displayed. It’s hard to not find a piece of art that resonates with you within this diverse cast of local artisans. Realism, abstract, and 3D structures are all on display for the Whitewater community. 

A standout from the show includes Angela Gelasi, a South-Eastern resident of Wisconsin who paints serene midwestern landscapes she sees around her. In an individual’s eye, the beauty of average life may seem to slip by us. Gelasi picks up on this everyday charm. Through the use of bright colors, her pieces convey a child-like wonder within images such as a parked car.  

She states, “Art to me is to showcase the beauty of something or someone. Observation, creativity and art has been part of me since a child. One memory comes to mind: on a fall day I was in the car with my father, driving through the mountains of Virginia. One leaf fell from the trees toward our windshield. I must have described the moment to him, and he said, ‘Angie, you see that leaf and the world in a beautiful way.’ Art to me is to showcase the beauty of something or someone.”

Within the display, each artist in the Members’ Showcase was entered into a blind drawing to win a year-long WAA membership. This year’s winner was John Koebler, another watercolorist. His pieces included more abstract representations of natural beauty. Fall colors in his artwork remind the viewer of the weather we see around us. The warmth of each piece may even be a source of comfort as the colder months of the year roll in. 

The exhibition is still available for the Whitewater Community to view. Until Sunday, Dec. 18th., the Whitewater Arts Alliance is showcasing their member’s exhibit each Thursday through Sunday each week from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. Along with in-person viewing, individuals are also able to experience the virtual show until mid-December. 

Finding a showcase of local talent may be rare in other parts of the country or even the state. In Whitewater, we are lucky to share a space with artists who create our lived experiences. The WAA Member’s Showcase is a great example of how beautiful art is rarely a “happy accident.”