Primary election results


Ky McCombe

Outside the Whitewater Armory Gym stands a sign telling Whitewater residents to vote.

As another round of primary elections comes and goes, the community looks to see who will be running in the general election. The elections that are most important to the city of Whitewater right now include the Whitewater School District School Board and the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Elections were held Tuesday, Feb. 21. 

Whitewater School District School Board

The Whitewater School District held primary elections for two seats on their school board. The top six candidates from the original 12 will move on to the general elections on April 4, 2023.

The candidates that will be moving onto the April 4 general elections include Christy Linse, who received 15% of votes, Stephanie Hicks, who received 14% of votes, Chuck Mills, who received 12% of votes, Thayer Coburn, who received 11% of votes, Lisa Huempfner, who received 10% of votes, and Joseph Kromholz, who received 10% of votes. 

Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court primary elections determined which two candidates would go on to run in the general election. These two candidates would run for the seat that is currently held by Justice Patience D. Roggensack. Justice Roggensack was elected in 2003 and was chief justice from 2015-2021.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz, a more progressive candidate, led the votes becoming the first candidate to go onto the general elections. She received 46.5% of the votes, with the counties of Dane, Milwaukee, Rock and Jefferson having the majority votes in her favor. Judge Protasiewicz beat out the other progressive candidate Judge Everett Mitchell by almost 400,000 votes.

Justice Daniel Kelly, a conservative, is the other candidate to move onto the general elections. He received 24.2% of the votes, with the counties of Fond Du Lac, Jefferson, Manitowoc and Calumet having the majority of votes in his favor. Justice Kelly beat out the other conservative candidate Jennifer Dorow by almost 30,000 votes.

The general elections for the Wisconsin Supreme court will be held on April 4, 2023.