Aldi store could come to town


Dauntae Green, Community Editor

The city of Whitewater announced that there is a proposal for creating and opening up an Aldi 20,000 square feet store on the west side of town. Its proposed planned location of the store would be at the Hawk Bowl and Hawk Apartments at 1380 and 1398 West Main Street. The Aldi’s store goals overall as a grocery store is to bring good quality food at the lowest prices possible, make a difference in the community by giving back to the environment, provide sustainability, financial donations to the community, good wages, and benefits for employees. The Pinnacle Engineering Group in Brookfield, who are also working with ALDI, submitted plans for a grocery store on the site on April 10th. 

The Pinnacle Engineering Group in Brookfield plans to demolish the structure of the site, clean up the area, put in storm water drains, other utilities at hand, and make two developable pads. The eastern pad will be used for 20,000 square feet for the store while the other development of the other pads will be used for whatever future developments the owners want for it. The City of Whitewater’s Plan & Architectural Review Commission (PARC) will look over the site plan review at their next meeting on May 8, 2023, and come to a conclusion on whether to build it. 

“Bringing a grocery store into town is long overdue. It is exciting to see it finally happening in Whitewater. A devoted standalone grocery store will be an asset to the community. During site plan review members of the Plan Commission will examine the proposed building for architectural integrity – it looks good and as it should – and ensure that landscaping, traffic, lighting, parking, street access and other factors are in line with city ordinance,” said Neighborhood Services Director Chris Bennett.

After PARC gets to a conclusion and agrees to the ALDI design plans, they have to go get the building permits that are required for it. The city of Whitewater officials will be working with the developers on coming up with an agreement to work with the issues on the environmental contamination surrounding the site and redevelopment of the site. This agreement would also have to be approved by the City Common Council. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of the City of Whitewater’s officials, City Common Council, Community Development Authority, taxpayers, community members, ALDI,  Pinnacle Engineering Group and DLK Enterprises.

“First, and foremost, none of this would be possible without the heavy lifting done by the property owners, DLK Enterprises, and the team at ALDI. As has been discussed by our own community development authority (CDA), land accumulation is often the most time-consuming and complicated part of the development process. This project is no different. Secondly, it’s no secret that the city of whitewater and its taxpayers, residents, and shoppers have been pleading for additional grocery options since Sentry closed its doors in December 2015. From the CDA working to support the Whitewater Grocery Co-op to the common council pursuing organizational leadership with exactly this type of economic development expertise, your government and your elected officials are listening and taking action that is resulting in positive change,” said Whitewater City Manager John Weidl.