The importance of voting

George Savage


Some things don’t make sense. In the 2016 Presidential election, 71 percent of my demographic (65 years and older) voted, but only 46 percent of the demographic most likely to be reading this (18-29 years old) voted. This is a bit crazy since the Baby Boomers will not be around for much longer to realize the effects of elections. Millennial and post-millennial generations, though, will experience the results for decades to come.

I hope the midterm election Nov. 6 will change these numbers. There is too much on the line for anyone not to vote.

Which party should we vote for? The choices are often glaringly clear. If you want a future of Libertarianism—in other words, if you think unrestricted greed is a good thing—then vote for the party that represents those values.

Vote for the Democratic party if you have concerns from part or all of the following list: the environment, Climate Change, dark money in elections, public schools, state universities (such as UW-Whitewater), voter suppression, income inequality, legalized marijuana, health care, net neutrality, social justice, incarceration rates, access to birth control, gender pay equality, gay and transgender rights, monopoly of political power, rule of law and cooperation with the international community.

The choice really is that clear.

Please vote.

–George Savage

Professor Emeritus, Department of Languages and Literatures