Vukmir says America should focus on border control

Leah Vukmir, U.S. Senate candidate (R)

A 20-year-old college student in Iowa didn’t return home to her family after going on an evening run.

Mollie Tibbets was brutally stabbed to death. Her loving parents, unaware of their daughter’s fate, agonized for days as police searched for clues.

Little did they know her dead body had been abandoned in a corn field.

Laura Abarca lovingly cradled her first born in their Dallas apartment. She had just given birth six days prior.

Without warning, an intruder entered the apartment, shot the mother to death and kidnapped the 6-day-old baby. That child will never know her mother’s love.

These murders were both committed by illegal immigrants. What’s impossible to comprehend is why politicians like Tammy Baldwin stand in the way of proper border security.

If we treated border security with the seriousness it deserves, perhaps Mollie Tibbetts would have returned home, and Laura Abarca would be dropping her daughter off at preschool next fall.

My hopelessly misguided opponent in the U.S. Senate race, Tammy Baldwin, has failed tremendously by not supporting President Trump’s efforts to ensure border security.

In fact, Baldwin and her DC swamp pals openly advocate for sanctuary cities and open borders.

She is apparently happy to leave the door wide open for millions upon millions to enter the United States illegally, to include: murderers, rapists, terrorists, drug dealers, gang members and anyone else who wants to walk right in.

If re-elected, Senator Baldwin will vote to advance legislation that will make it easier for illegal immigrants to slip through our borders.

No other developed nation in our world is foolish enough to allow open borders, yet Senator Baldwin demands them.

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, more than 150 million people say they would like to migrate to the United States. If it were up to Baldwin, she’d welcome them all in with open arms.

If 150 million illegal immigrants were evenly distributed among the states, Wisconsinites would have over 2.7 million new neighbors, which is more than twice the combined population of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and Kenosha.

I know all too well the value immigrants add to society. I grew up in a big, fat Greek family. My father immigrated from Greece.

I had the privilege of teaching my aunts and uncles English as they assimilated into our wonderful country.

My family earned their citizenship by going through a legal process, and because of it, they are intensely proud to be American citizens. Baldwin is cheapening the value of American citizenship.

As a migrant caravan originating in central America is quickly making its way to our border, we must never forget that U.S. citizenship is a privilege, not an inherent right for all.

Thousands of men and women in our armed forces have lost their lives protecting this great nation.

We owe it to them to make sure we do not allow Tammy Baldwin to trample on the foundation of America.

—Leah Vukmir

U.S. Senate candidate (R)