Use spring break to motivate, relax

Olivia Storey, Assistant News Editor

Spring break has sadly come and gone once again, leaving everyone missing their warm beaches or fun family cabins. But, now that we’re back, how do we get back into our old routine?

If you’re like me and you’re stressed 24/7, I’m sure spring break is your saving grace.

A whole week off to relax, have fun and not worry about that midterm you got a 65% on or that assignment you completely forgot about last week is nice.

Spring break is a time for family, friends and possibly some tequila on a tropical getaway. Although our fun has ended, I can promise you that we’re in the home stretch.

For you seniors, only a month and a half to go before you walk across that stage.

For you freshmen, sophomores and juniors, we’re almost to summer vacation, where we can once again relax and chill out (unless you decided to take that summer class your advisor talked you into, that is).

Yes, coming back from spring break sucks, but it also means that we are closer to our end date. But the question still remains: how do we transition back into the chaos?

For me, it usually takes about a day and a half to get my head out of the clouds and back into my lectures. It isn’t until I’m loaded with “welcome back” homework and a test next week that I truly begin to buckle down.

For others, it may take longer (or shorter, if you’re fortunate enough) to get your head in the game, as my hero Troy Bolton says.

But how does one go about getting back into their school routine? It can be tricky.

Having that week off to forget about your troubles and sleep in as late as you want can be hard to snap out of.

You’re expected to be in class, yet you want to be back in Myrtle Beach or Puerto Rico with the sand between your toes.

To snap back to reality, I recommend taking a small amount of time each day to remind yourself how focused you were before break, and how focused you will be now.

I also like to remind myself how close I am to the finish line, and how desperate I am to get my grades up.

Studying can suck, I get it. But it’s important now more than ever to come back from break with a sharp, freshly relaxed mind than to try and coast your way to May.

Coasting just might cost you the GPA you’re aiming for.

Make sure to remind yourself how close you are to that summer road trip you and your friends are planning. Keep track of your upcoming assignments and tests because they will sneak up on you.

Make sure to ease back in with patience. Your brain (and hopefully some professors) doesn’t expect you to remember the difference between all the rocks you learned about in geography right away.

If all else fails, set aside a little bit of time each day to daydream about where you went for break. Reflection and an hour of relaxation may just be what you need to get you through to May.