Alternatives to a Bachelor’s Degree

Evan Halpop, Multimedia Editor

It is that time of the year again where students flood campuses across the United States aiming to earn their bachelors’ degree.

Yet, there are always a group of students that don’t know if they are capable of earning their bachelors’ degree.

An associates degree can be a great first step in building confidence in a student’s educational work ethic and figuring out what career field they want to work in as well.

Technical Colleges and two year transfer colleges are a good place for students who either didn’t do well or even take their SAT or ACT exams, since the two year programs can take the place of an SAT or  ACTs.

Whether the students focus is on education, IT, graphic design etc… an associates degree will help give a solid educational foundation for students to succeed in the workforce. Some may even find that an associates degree is more than sufficient for the students academic needs.

The associates degree is perfect for students who have a job already but want to get a degree or finish a degree that was started already.

However, if the student is feeling ready for their bachelors’ after they earn their associates, they can move on while knowing many of their associates degree credits will transfer over towards their next degree.