Lifestyle Editor will always have memory of school spirit

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

As a sophomore, this is only my second time around with homecoming.

Still, I truly believe that I’ve seen enough in that one year to know: there is no better feeling than school spirit.

When you walk to class during homecoming week and see a sea of purple and white shirts, of people who are proud and happy to be wearing those colors during the spirit days; when you see how many people actually came out to a Saturday morning parade when they could be sleeping, just to be there for their fellow students and show their support for their school; and when you truly stop to think that some guy painted his entire body purple, just for the sake of showing how proud he is to be a Warhawk: that’s when I really know how amazing and lasting school spirit is.

Because, when I’m 80, and my college days are long gone, I’m going to remember the Saturdays in October when I played for the marching band during the homecoming football game.

And I’m going to remember when we played our school song or the Warhawk Strut, and truly felt that everyone was singing along with nothing but pride in their hearts and smiles on their faces because it means so much just to be able to say “I’m a Warhawk”.

– Katelyn Black

Lifestyle Editor