Staff reporter thankful for experience

Carter Secor, Staff Reporter

For this article, I’m not writing because I’m angry at someone, or at some event or dynamic occurring on Whitewater’s campus. I’m only writing to really say thank you to Professor Zukas and all the people who make up the staff of the Royal Purple. The reason I’m saying thank you, is for the immense and impactful opportunity I gained by joining the paper. Being able to write stories and find a passion for writing for a newspaper is something I wouldn’t have discovered without writing for the Royal Purple.

I would’ve never been able to explore this opportunity to its fullest extent without the support of the editorial staff and the freedom that they gave me to chase down stories and write them in a way that helped me get better as a writer and as an aspiring journalist. Without them answering my questions and giving me invaluable feedback, I wouldn’t feel as good about my writing and reporting abilities that I do now that I’ve been able to use them.

As someone who never even thought they would be in the position of being able to write articles or report on things, the paper has been an eye opening experience, and one I’ll never forget or take for granted. Writing for the paper gave me the opportunity to talk to people I never would’ve talked to otherwise, attend events I never would’ve gone to, and to make friends that I never would’ve met if not for writing for the Royal Purple.

And while I’m not graduating yet, and am excited to keep writing for the paper as long as I’m at school. I really felt I needed to thank everyone at the Royal Purple for working with me and allowing me to discover a passion that I didn’t know I had. thank you, thank you all so much.