Yoga with Adriene

Front Row Review


Adriene begins her virtual class by taking some relaxing deep breaths and welcoming words with her dog Benji.

Nichole Learman, Journalist

Warhawk Fitness has more ways for students to stay healthy and active in the comfort of their own home. A new app debuted this semester called “Yoga with Adriene.” 

The app offers different videos for people with all different active levels. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it isn’t difficult to find a video that suits your activity level best.

Adriene also has a video playlist on YouTube for September that teams up with St. Jude for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month as part of the #ShowYourGold campaign. Her most popular video in her playlist is Yoga Party

Adriene creates a comfortable and enjoyable practicing environment. Most videos are 30 minutes long and focus on giving your body love by appreciating what it has done for you. Adriene talks through each motion and pose while giving words of positivity and encouragement.  

The sessions aim to leave yoga students feeling relaxed and refreshed.