‘Stay optimistic’

Senior farewell


Mitchell Grinyer, Assistant Advertising Manager

As my final semester at UW-W comes to an end, this one feels a little bit different compared to the previous two semesters, and not just because of graduation: there’s an optimism in the air that is long overdue.

I joined the Royal Purple last fall and was hired as Assistant Advertising Manager. As an accounting major, I felt a little out of my element, but that was the point. I knew I would need to demonstrate to future employers that I was an effective communicator and could hold my own in a position of leadership. Fast forward to today, and I hold an immensely greater appreciation of the role and of the Royal Purple. In an academic year full of disruption, newspapers were still printed on schedule and the website was updated as planned. I’m proud to have been a small piece of the puzzle in this operation, and to the advertisers that helped get us there: thank you.

Four years ago, I genuinely didn’t anticipate the connections I would soon be making in Whitewater. On a personal level, I formed relationships with some amazing people that will last a lifetime. Academically, I was so impressed with the faculty in the College of Business and Economics. Every professor I have had in the WebEx era has put their best foot forward, and I am also incredibly grateful for those who I was able to learn from in the classroom this year.

The long-term impact that the pandemic will have on higher education remains to be seen. My sincere hope is that the traditional college experience does not diminish. My advice to prospective students and incoming freshmen is to stay optimistic and come to campus if you have the means to. It’s probably tempting to explore remote options – especially considering the cost of room and board – but the connections you’ll make if you apply yourself and put in the effort are priceless.