Meet Aaron Xiong: Multimedia Editor


Hello there! My name is Aaron Xiong and I am the Multimedia Editor for the Royal Purple! This is my second year on the job as I return for my senior year of college here at UW-Whitewater. As a Journalism major, I hope to utilize the skills I’ve acquired from my time here at the Royal Purple and apply them to a full time position in the future. My dream job is to work for ESPN as a tennis or basketball analyst. Tennis and basketball are my two favorite sports and I follow them closely. As the Multimedia Editor, I use my creative skills to create eye-popping social media posts as well as organizing our website for a smooth transition on both the computer and phone screens. As one of the final eyes before stories are posted to the website, making sure that there aren’t any grammatical or spelling errors and ensuring our audience is reading correct information with zero errors is something that I value here at the RP. As this new year begins, I am looking forward to meeting new faces that are willing to work and collaborate with us here at the Royal Purple! I look forward to another successful year here in Whitewater as the Multimedia Editor!