Poet performs for campus


Katie McIlheran

Poet, Aman Batra, reads her poems at the Down Under on November 11, 2021.

Peyton Rollins, Arts & Recreation Editor

Poet Aman K. Batra performed her self-written poetry on Nov. 11, 2021 at the Down Under in the University Center. Batra, a Punjabi- American who traveled from Artesia, California is a national poetry slam finalist and she also is a TEDx speaker.  Her set on Thursday night included poems about her background, systematic oppression, and relationships. 

Aman Batra started writing poetry to explain and find words for how she felt at that time and moment. She wrote poems for competition and the UCLA slam team and her poems ended up going viral on Youtube. She participated in the MFA program and started to write pieces that made her happy. Much of her poetry included relatable and deep messages which kept the audience engaged and involved.

This was Batra’s first show outside of California after the pandemic. She mentioned how important human connection was and started her show with a fun ice breaker for the audience. The ice breaker celebrated each audience member for being themselves, “This is a reminder to applaud and celebrate your friends, family, and community for the little things.” said Batra.  Her performance mentioned poems about falling in love and heartbreak. She recited a couple poems written by others including “Frida Khalo” by Marty McConell. Aman Batra’s presence on stage was moving and heartfelt, especially when reciting “I Know We Just Met But..” which was another fun poem about love.

Batra ended her set with her poem, “Barbecue.”, which speaks about her struggle growing up as a Punjabi-American in the United States. Her performance was moving and profound.

If interested in the next upcoming shows in the UC Down Under, check out the UC Live website at UC Live (uww.edu).

Poet Aman Batra at the Down Under in the University Center on November 11, 2021. (Katie McIlheran)