Dynamic duo owns the stage


Sydney Wojcik

Pictured on the left is pianist MyungHee. Pictured on the right is cellist Benjamin Whitcomb.

Sydney Wojcik, Arts & Recreation Editor

Benjamin Whitcomb and MyungHee Chung performed at Light Recital Hall in the Greenhill Center of the Arts at UW-Whitewater Thursday, Jan. 27 at 7:30 p.m. The duo, who don’t perform together frequently, created a special sound for the audience to admire. Performing Sonata in A minor by Edouard Lalo, Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, Op 59 by Camillo Schumann and Polonaise Brillante, Op. 3 by Frédéric Chopin, Whitcomb and Chung filled the evening with graceful and action packed songs, leaving everything on the stage. 

The first composition performed, Sonata in A minor by Edouard Lalo, an evident crowd favorite, told a story, seemingly of life, from the hectic beginning, to the messy middle and then the steady end. Proving that they are truly masters of their craft, the duo highlighted contrasting dynamics between the three pieces within the sonata, Allegro moderato, Andante Cantabile ed espressivo and Allegro molto. 

Representative of the fast pace of youth, Allegro moderato, the first piece, was filled with quick staccato and lively runs, a sound similar to the tiny footsteps of small children. Oppositely, the tone of Andante Cantabile ed espressivo was equally balanced between mellow and somber, showing the audience that while the duration of one’s youth is typically capricious, adulthood is filled with scheduled consistency and hardships. Coming to a close, the sonata is finished with Allegro molto. Arguably the most beautiful of the three, Allegro molto pumped oxygen into the performance. Depicting new hobbies, retirement and all of the other rewarding events which come with age, it left the audience feeling fulfilled and complete.