Artistic sweet escapes


Sydney Wojcik

Pictured is the introduction to the exhibit entitled Letting Go by Ann Thomas.

Sydney Wojcik, Arts & Recreation Editor

Dreaming is associated with a wonderful night’s sleep. There is no fault and no mistakes while providing us comfort and relaxation. As we awake, these vivid dreams feel real yet never a hundred percent clear prior to our lucid minds waking up to another day. This is the visual peace felt while visiting Ann Thomas’s recent art presentation at UW- Whitewater. The exhibit, Letting Go, is featured in Roberta’s Art Gallery in the James R. Connor University Center and is available for viewing Apr. 4-29. 

Beautiful visuals of Madison, WI and its downtown architecture can be seen in a series of pen and watercolor pieces that show the audience the stunning natural color that comes from the cityscape. Arguably the most impressive in the collection, a 30’ by 8’ piece entitled, Madison Skyline displays the capitol building behind the crystal clear water of Lake Monona. 

“I began learning how to draw in my free time by going to the library and studying from books. I would practice whenever my boys were in bed at night, or when I had a spare minute,” said artist Ann Thomas, describing her process of getting her art to where it is today.

Sticking with the theme of water scapes, Thomas’s exhibit also includes drawings of McKinley Marina. Paying respect to her attention to detail, the creative lines on the building roofs create a natural fluidity which keeps the eye prisoner. These curved lines then direct the audience to the boats which rest on a light bed of water, making it the perfect temporary escape from reality. 

“I think that her style of adding watercolor to the top of her meticulous drawings adds a whimsical type of beauty to the art. This in turn keeps me intrigued, wanting to look from one piece to the next,” said exhibit viewer Michael Wojcik.