Beauteous BFA Exhibit


Sydney Wojcik

Pictured is Chewed Up and Spit Out by Lily Regalia.

Sydney Wojcik, Arts & Recreation Editor

Students from the College of Arts and Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater have created masterful and heart wrenching pieces to put on display in the Crossman Gallery located in the Greenhill Center of the Arts for the BFA and Junior Review Exhibit which runs from Apr 25-29.

When looking at works created by Lily Regalia, feelings attached to the ideas of growing up in society as a woman were drawn. A piece entitled, Chewed Up and Spit Out especially leaves the audience resonating as the subject’s daily pressures and current hardships seem to be occupying her attention. This idea along with her mixed media which also features real chewed gum brings it to life and makes it extremely relatable, especially to students on campus at this time of the year. 

“The way that the figure is posed seems very relaxed and natural, embodying the simplicity of the painting,” said Elise Wall. “The texture using the gum is also very intriguing.”

Keeping with the theme of deep rooted human emotion, pieces by Jessica Lacki such as The Three Fates, make the audience take a look into their souls and their personal entanglements. Created with ink, it features four hands wrapped up in ribbons that all appear to be tangled together with one hand attempting to cut them loose. This free hand is representative of the understanding that it only takes one person to change everything, in this case removing individuals from an undesirable situation. 

“The piece tells me that life can be cut short no matter what someone does,” said Jamie Kretlow. “It definitely reminds me of its namesake the three fates and Greek mythology.” 

On display are many more pieces from the artists above as well as many other artists whose work is just as meticulous and metaphorical, allowing each individual to interpret in a way that satisfies their emotions.