Community includes LGBTQ+


Hello. I would like to share several facts about the City of Whitewater and the Irvin L Young Memorial Library that cannot be disputed.

The City of Whitewater’s vision statement reads: Building upon our rich history, we will continue to be a welcoming, safe, and dynamic community. We will embrace the cultural and educational opportunities that the presence of a thriving University and an increasingly diverse population offers.

That is a fact and cannot be disputed.

Further, the city of Whitewater’s mission is to provide high quality services which support living, learning, playing, and working in an exceptional community. 

That is also a fact and cannot be disputed.

Culture is the customs, art, social institutions, and collective achievements of a particular nation, people or other social group. 

That definition is a fact and cannot be disputed. I hope you see where I am going with this.

Community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Such as the scientific community, the business community, the student community, AND the LGBTQ+ community.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, colleagues, and anyone reading this message, our community’s esteemed and trusted library director, Stacey and her knowledgeable and inclusive staff ARE providing high quality services that provide cultural and educational opportunities for our increasingly diverse population-promoting living, learning, playing, working, and participating in our exceptional community.

Those are facts and they/them cannot and will not be disputed.