Ad manager ready in new role

Garrett Kluever, Advertising Manager

The last time I (sort of) ran a business, I was selling Kool-Aid to my neighbors 12 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

Dedicated readers might recognize my name because last year as a freshman, I proudly worked for the newspaper as Biz & Tech editor. Now during my sophomore endeavor, I switched up my role to serve the Royal Purple as head of the advertising department.

I liked my editorial position, don’t get me wrong. Overall, it was comfortable. But I had a chance to take on something unfamiliar and challenging as advertising manager.

I made the switch because there was an opportunity. We have an entirely new advertising staff.

This year the Royal Purple rebranded and moved offices. The advertising department is different too. We hired an assistant advertising manager, Kenzie Wenzel, along with some talented advertising representatives. Some amazing faculty members are also here to back us up.

Dr. Keith Zukas, faculty advisor for the Royal Purple, is back for a second year. Dr. Sumin Shin advises the advertising department and has created several tools for us to better organize our sales. Melissa Thoma assists us with general day-to-day advertising operations and compiling billing information. We’ve come up with a new advertising system.

We’ve measured our advertising so that each advertisement is proportional price-wise. It ensures clients receive the most bang for their buck. Any advertisement placed in the paper also runs online for free. Customers who place advertisements for extended periods will receive discounts, because we believe in them as much as they believe in us.

Unlike some other student organizations paid through student fees, we do not receive financial assistance from our university. That means the money we earn from advertising is our lifeline. It goes toward paying our printing contract. It pays for our utilities, promotions, lease and employee salaries.

I’ve seen the relentless dedication our reporters, photographers, sales team and managers put in every week. I was one of them. We put in long hours, blood, sweat and tears to keep this newspaper running. That means our advertising department has to swell support from our great local community and earn enough to give back to our staff for the work they do every day.

When I was selling Kool-Aid, a smile, great service and quality product were all keys to success. Now, I’m excited to help deliver 5,000 figurative Royal Purple cups a week to 75 locations at hot spots on campus and in the community.