Chaos in the making towards another successful year

Catherine Smith, Editor

While the chaos of the beginning of the year is at play, freshman take on one of the greatest challenges and changes that life can offer; professors return back to campus to indulge in academia for our beneficial future, and pride continues to fill the hearts of Warhawks as the once quiet city of Whitewater begins to hear the laughter and vocal voices of UW-W students.

Upon my return to the UW-W campus, I begin to realize the fun and games of what the summer has brought upon my life are in the near past and so I reflect on the wonderful opportunities that arise out of the leadership opportunities that are so greatly given to me in the near future. As an active extra-curricular member of the Warhawk community, I see my calendar begin to fill nearly as much as my stress begins to burden me with anxiety that my time here at UW-W is almost reached its end. What keeps me going is the support of the community that ever so strives to make the Warhawk motto “serving students with potential; challenging students who are academically talented” come to life. Through that very motto, I am supported and well oriented with the mission and values that arise from leadership positions such as those I am blessed with.

As your Editor of the Royal Purple, my heart is overflowing with excitement and possible nervousness of what this new beginning towards an end may present. While my experience with the RP continues to ever strive my resume with influential support and bare connecting relationships here on campus, I am prompt and ready for what this year has in store. Coming from a position of managing media and public relations outreach, I am escatics to take the next step forward with the RP. Hand-in-hand with the communication department, I am proud to lead this student run newspaper to success and honor as we strive to continue to properly and professionally inform the students of UW-W and community of Whitewater.

As a full-time student with three full-time jobs, life sometimes comes at you like a hurricane. With a calm before the storm arriving in the first week of school, the overwhelming course work of school mixed with extracurriculars with a sprinkle of a hard paying job in the mix, continues to motivate me to serve the UW-W campus at its best. I am here for the hard-work. I am here to serve. I am ready to take on the storm.