New Hall not prepared for students

Nick Matsunaga

Dear Royal Purple Reader,

The New Hall has become tiresome to become accommodated with. To begin, the time of estimated completion was scheduled for three to four months prior to the fall 2019 semester. That date was bumped to June 29th, one month after the spring 2019 semester. Once June 29th was reached, the dorm was still incomplete. As soon as early arrival times reached, the dorm was still unfinished and had no set finish dates. Early arrivals were temporarily moved to Clem until halfway through the week of the 25th of August. Most amenities were available, but the majority of rooms had no ethernet (hardwired network connection), and some have no electricity or hot water.

After all of that, the space and privacy is nice but I regret moving in this semester as compared to the next semester or year. Starin or even Arey/Fricker would be more ideal for me at this point in time.

– Nick Matsunaga