Managing editor thanks paper for confidence in self

Scout Springgate, Managing Editor

As the managing editor for the Royal Purple this year, I plan to use my position to further my journalistic experience and create a memorable senior year.

When I entered the UW-W scene in 2016 as a freshman, I had no journalistic experience due to being denied application into my high school news magazine, Drops of Ink.

Because of this initial lack of experience in journalism, I did not possess any confidence in writing in the beginning years of my college career.

Entering my sophomore year at UW-W, I finally gained confidence in my ability to report and write news once I understood that it was something I enjoy doing. After that realization, I joined the Royal Purple as a staff writer in the sports section. In November of that year, I began writing a feature story on the history of the campus’ carillon bells that, so far, is one of the stories I’m most proud of.

I would continue to serve as a staff writer until February of my junior year when I applied to become assistant copy editor for the Royal Purple. I viewed this as a way to more fully join the newspaper as a staff member. Even as an assistant to the copy editor, I was able to use the knowledge of Associated Press style to better myself as a writer and understand what a perfect article should look like.

This past May, I was presented with the opportunity to apply for managing editor with the understanding that much of the current staff would be either graduating or not returning in the fall. In my interview, I expressed that I wanted the position to capstone my journalistic experience and take on a responsibility that would hopefully mirror that of the working world.

And now that I am officially the managing editor, I plan to continue my passion for writing and develop leadership skills as the year progresses. As this is my senior year at UW-W, I want my experience on this campus to be memorable and to leave a positive mark on this fine university before walking across the stage in May.