Meet Advertising Manager Logan Komprood


Logan Komprood

Logan Komprood, Advertising Director

“​Hello I am Logan Komprood, the new Advertising Manager for The Royal Purple. I am going into my final year of courses here at UW-Whitewater and I am majoring in Communications Advertising. My minor is Experiential and Sports Marketing and my dream is to work on the Milwaukee Bucks advertising/marketing team. As the Advertising Manager for The Royal Purple, I will be reaching out to local businesses to have their ads in our paper. I work one on one with a majority of our ad clients and I communicate with the rest of our Royal Purple team about advertising. I have already begun working with our team and many local businesses for this school year and my goal is to reach businesses that have not advertised with us previously. I am excited to meet a lot of new faces and experience new adventures during my time as the Advertising Manager!”