Editor’s choice for Best in Whitewater


From Left: Tyrone Green, Colin Anderson, Dauntae Green and Rachel Stapelman enjoy bruch at The Sweet Spot Bakehouse.

Dauntae Green, Mannaging Editor

Whitewater has everything you need in this small city of just over 14,000 residents. There is always something to do like dining out, getting a new hairdo, watching a game at some terrific local bars and shopping at a variety of specialty stores.

When I am in need to get my hair trimmed up, once a month I will get my hair cut from Underground Cutz. When they cut my hair it changes up the hairstyle, makes it cool or makes me look more exciting.

If you really want to go see a movie that is quick and easy, just head on over to the Whitewater Cinema movie theater in town where they have great popcorn and nice prices for tickets.

If you are looking for a slice of mouthwatering pizza, the pizza places I always enjoy going to are either Domino’s for their pan style cheese pizzas or La Piazza Pizzeria, which I enjoy for its quick and easy many varieties of pizzas to choose from. If you’re looking for tacos, you have a lot of choices in town that are just amazing. I always go to Qdoba since it is like a subway, but for tacos, burritos and bowls. I also go to Taco Fresco due to delivery and the amazing burritos. Cozumel is the best for chimichangas and having a good time with the whole friend group there. The best place to get breakfast is Jessica’s Family Restaurant – for me mostly for its delicious gyros omelet with hash browns. For the coffee and baked goods, every once in a while on a weekend I drag my friends to the Sweet Spot Bakehouse for their coffees and yummy cookies.

The bars in town that bring out the fun in the community are Pumpers & Mitchell’s, CheapShotz and The Pub for me overall. I enjoy going to the clubs Pumpers & Mitchell’s and CheaptShotz because of their music, beats vibrating in the air, having a good time. The Pub is a place to take a nice breather at where you can talk and hang with friends.

Everyone knows you can’t mess with Kwik Trip. That is definitely the best convenience store in Whitewater with so many things to choose from: coffees, delicious baked goods, drinks, sandwiches – all quick, easy and ready to eat.

For outdoor fun in fall or spring, my friends and I go hiking on many of the trails that Whitewater has to offer. You can climb trees, find many cool walking sticks, and just be awed by nature.

Those are my recommendations for what is best in Whitewater. I hope you go to some of these places and have as much fun as I do. For complete results of the 6th annual survey visit Best of Whitewater 2022.